Welcome to 2011

Welcome to my first official post, a fresh start for a fresh new year. This post is from our recent session to leeside. It’s been to cold to ride most places in Vancouver as anywhere that’s exposed gets a layer of slippery frost on it, unless its in direct sunlight for most of day. Ultimately this means most bowls and parks are unrideable and we are limited to underground spots like leeside or the odd street nibbles.

Steve Meatman shreds this place like no other mother, he has all the lines and is a concrete connoisseur

Meatman with a slider on the small quarter

The slider in question

Steve Roasting the pool coping quarter

Hot Carl was on hand to show us old timer’s how its done. Carl also has an array of nicknames he loves like Baby Carl, Hot Carl and Hot Baby. If you can think of any good new names for Hot Carl leave ’em in the comments for our amusement.

Here’s another shot of Hot Baby getting loose on the wall from Pool Coping Quarter to mini Quarter. What a babe!?

Here’s a pic of the man with an alternate photo set and admittedly a better set too. He also happens to be in part responsible for me getting a camera and hence is also responsible for this blog, so if you think it sucks, blame Chad.

Chad Jones. (alternate photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadmrjones/show)

No Responses to “Welcome to 2011”
  1. BIKES says:

    Good work ya scallywag. Its about time you put that literary genius of yours to work. I look forward to seeing and participating in further adventures.

  2. Simon says:

    Rad Moffit. good shit!

  3. Oompa says:

    Keep it up Moffit ALL OF NZ BMX is watching and waiting with baited breath! No pressure 😉

  4. Dagger says:

    Yea Boss, nice shots!

  5. Jevonearth says:

    Nice work bosco, keep it up, get Hiroaki and Chadiaki to be your Sensei. wax on wax off.

  6. Darlene says:

    very nice Paul – 🙂 love the shots and script 🙂

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