Winter Wonderland

Being Saturday and all, and with the sun gracing us with its presence in winter, Zombie Mike and I decided to go for a shred. 1st stop was leeside but that was foiled by young scallywags who found it a thrill to smear wet paint all over the park in the early hours of the morning. As a result there was great dismay in the crew and no photos were taken in respect of the overall morale felt by all.

Next stop hasting park and pool:

Grin and Bearing the Coping (photo by Zombie Mike, that’s why its good’n)

Mike O.G. 1st Gen Zombie putting his hands up in disbelief of the miserable conditions, “Yeeaaaarrr!!!”:

Mike Zombie Again. Disgruntled arm cross:

After a 45min sesh it was time to hang out to dry

Zombie Mike bailed home but luckily Mike Sharpe was on hand to breathe new life on the sesh and we set off to slay the grimey streets of Vancouver, 1st stop plaza:

Sharpey with a B-spinner:

Sharpey with a flatty:

Mike Sharpe thinks this T-bog sucks, me n’ the grom think its rad, what the f*%$ do you think?

This is my favourite shot of the day, Sharpey B-spinning real street:

Captain Muffer’s Prostate Checker, “Yep she’s still there yeeeaarrrghhh!”

At this point I was threatened by an eastern European man to get out of the playground before he called the cops. That put a bit of a Debby Downer on the ride so we called it quits shortly after and headed up to our local RIDE ON.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Darlene says:

    Nice shots Paul – and a interesting narrative to accompany them. Like the story 🙂

  2. Thanks Darlene, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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