Ride On Zombie Apocalypse

Ride On on Main Street (Vancouver) got a nice face-lift thanks to Braeden Barnard. He was up till the wee hours of the morning making up a sweet zombie bmx apocalypse mural while the store was shut. Here’s how it came out:

I failed to do this pic justice but if you come to the shop you’ll see these two ghouls are disemboweling a rollerblader, hehehe. They’re still out there!

Here’s a ‘bloody’ good lookback. Bet your tricks would look this tweaked too if you had limbs of the living dead, coming out of this position might be tricky though.

Looks like a girl I met at the Cambie once:

Ride On is coming along nicely, they have renovated inside and out,

The new awning:

The new black exterior pant looks good with the bikes and fluorescent lighting.

If there was a problem, Yo, Dave’ll solve it,

ice ice baby, da-ding dada-ding dada-dingding.

(notice the brewery creek beer bag on the handle bars-perfectly good form if your in the business of tipping your mechanics, especially at Ride On).

Meatman is usually on hand to navigate your velocipede dilemmas.

New goodies are always around, profile hubs for BMX and fixie nerds alike.

Good selection of bars and forks

They also have a sweet collection of rare old road bikes like this one, its not only a single speed but it has unique old gimmicks to it that make it rad. Example is the cable that runs from the front hub and is connected to a rad old school speedometer/odemeter. Also has some custom nits to it like the chainwheel.

Custom chainwheel sets this bay apart

Custom phillips card for the frontwheel, mmmm creamy!

Ride On are true SUPERCHAMPIONs (as suggested by their sweet customer service trophy in the window and endorsed by Jones soda)

If you make it to Main between 18th and 19th Ave be sure to stop in to Ride On and check out Braeden’s sweet mural, or the rad BMX and Fixed parts ‘n frames, or just come for a plain old yarn and late afternoon golden beverage but make sure you bring a smile if you’re going to burgle some time there or Dave gets rabid:

Thanks Ride On for all the bro deals and bike maintenance over the years, you guys rule!

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