Pirate Check

The weekend is fast approaching my matyeez or fer some of yee in the southern hemisphere it may ‘ave already arrived. SO, what better time for a Captain Muffer’s pirate check and terday’s features a lovely dark and delicious, one of this salty sea dog’s favourites: PHILLIPS Chocolate Porter, brewed here in British Columbia on the shores of Vancouver Island in an enchanting city called Victoria.

In order to serve this noble brew justice, one must set the appropriate tone: Soft lighting and props to suggest the nature of scallywags who might indulge in such a dark delicious thing.

In order to consume this dark lovely, one must use the proper vessel to adorn it with. I have such a vessel and it so happens it is a seafaring vessel, harharaaaarrrrrggh!

The next step is an important one so pay attention. Whatever port yee have landed in, it is wise to acquaint yourself with the locals. Amongst the locals there be fine upstandin’ wenches, find yourself the prettiest (or at least of that night) and allow her to assist yee in pouring the brew. Its all the sweeter when yee enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour and sweeter still when that someone else is a darling wee thing! Here’s me darling wee sea wench assisting my pour:

Look at the delicious deep rich colour and smooth texture, mmmm! Bet ya feel like a cold refreshing ale right about now eh!?

Only one thing left to do, sit back, take a load off yer boots and let the dark liquid consume yer soul, YEEEAAARRRRRRGGGGHH!

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  1. JJ says:

    Wel done, Paul you should see the many delicious micro brews here in Chicago, coupe of places we can go when you guys come to visit:



    Here’s to the peg boy and his wench!



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