Rain Dogs

Lately it’s been raining endlessly in Vancouver. The motivation to ride has been washing away like the rain water that plagues us here. Today, however, was different.  There was a brief intermission in the weather and the golden showers from above paused long enough for us to go for a pedal today. Mike ‘Zombie‘ Davies mustered up some motivation and courage and rode out with me to Kensington skatepark in East Vancouver.

Here’s Zombie Mike putting on a brave face and kicking it for the homies. One Foot X-up

Mike was a good sport and spent some time behind the lens. He managed to capture me wiping my nose on my sleeve for this Turndown.

Mike took a horrific bail later that day and managed to ruin a perfectly good slab of concrete with his soft fleshy inconsiderate knee.

Luckily Chad Jones was close by and pulled himself away from a children’s playground long enough to ‘sub’ for Mike. (FYI Chad doesn’t actually hang around children’s playgrounds in-case you were a little worried). We headed west and down the hill to see what the streets had to offer. Chad’s a resourceful old sea dog and has a keen nose for sniffing out assorted alley way wall riding spots. Here’s chad with a nice ride on a less than average wall off a very steep and tight bank that he sniffed out earlier.

Long time friend of Chad and good mate to muffinandpedal, Travis Burrough, was lurking in the neighborhood and joined us for another wall riding sesh nearby.

The sesh wound down from there and the ride back inevitably ended at the beer store.

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