Piraat Check

Well my faithful scallywags, ’tis time for another pirate check.

‘Tis well into the weekend and some of you pegboys ‘n girls are ripe ‘n rotten into the evil ales already, Yaaarrrggggh! However, if you feel like a change of wind and you happen upon this post, come about and cast one port side for this delicious Belgian potion.

The foreign savage tongue on the label describes itself  as “Zwaar Blond Belgish Bier”. Men are divided on this inscription. Some argue the translation reads ‘Heavy Blond Belgian Beer’ but true pirates know this foreign curse to read – ‘Cross Eyed Sour Wench Misplacer’. Whatever you argue, one thing is agreed – ‘Tis not to be taken lightly for despite its friendly pale blue demeanor on the front, this cursed liquid boasts a 9% alc volume on its girthy brown hips

It has a playful medium gold tint to it that lulls you into a false sense of security assisted and complimented by its sweet, fruity, yet tart flavour. Be warned though, many a sailor (& sailette) had allowed themself to get carried away with this sweet ale only to be bitten hard and painfully in the ‘morrow, awaking heavy headed and empty bedded (sometimes the other way round, if yee catch my meaning Yeeaarrrghh!)

So, if yee are searching for something a little mischievous and yee heed me warning, then this ale may be a delightful addition to yer eve’s events. Or yee can dive head first into a few of these Trojan horse ales and see what wicked adventure may unfold. Whatever you decide know that a good glass of Piraat deserves a good glass of company.

Till next time,

Bon Voyage me scallywags!

No Responses to “Piraat Check”
  1. Palmer says:

    Personifying your ale to the point of developing a meaning full understanding.
    -Is this the result of drinking alone??

  2. Yeeaarrrghhh! Don’t get smart with me pegboy or yee’l be walkin the plank!

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