Weekend’s Shred

The weekend was here and there was a delightful break in the weather. The sun was out and the puddles were gone. You would almost think that winter was receding all but for the sharp sting in the air that leaves your chest tight and your fingers numb. ‘Twas a good  day for a shred and shred we did at Bonsor skatepark.

Mike Zombie Davies with a whip on the wee hip.

Dagger had the line too with this decent lookback on the same hip (sorry for chopping your head off mate).

Mike – one foot table, yep on the same hip.

Dagger with his own 1foot flatty

Mike using something other than the hip. Footjam with toejam.

Later that day we were joined by more shredders. Here’s Andy Roode shredding an alternative hip in the roller section.

Downside whip.

Steven Meatman of Ride On fame was on-hand too. Between sweeping the fullpipe of garbage and shredding the heck out of it, Meatman was also seen throwing down these ridiculousy rad footplant flatties.

No Responses to “Weekend’s Shred”
  1. Oompa says:

    I have only ridden bonsor once and man those photos have me jonesin’ for a return trip!!!

  2. Come back Oompa, Vancouver loves you, come back! I’ll take you to all yer favourite spots and show you some that will soon become your new favourites!

  3. Oompa says:


    Maybe when the weather gets better June ,July.

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