Dirt Dags

The weekend is fast approaching and most of you will be gearing up for a good hard shred. Here’s a couple pics to inspire you. This here is Richard ‘Dagger’ Gregory, one of the more recent kiwi transplants to lay his roots in Vancouver.

Here’s the Dagger hanging onto the razor’s edge on this footjam whip on a slimy wet Vancouver bank.

This is definatley one of Vancouver’s best spots. Unfortunately this time of year is not so good, it gets wet, mossy and sludgey but I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be on a dry winter’s day.

A better view of the same:

Just to show you how dedicated Dags is, here’s a shot of him with his car all over the pavement, making sure him and his crew get safely to their destination in his vessel. True West Auckland style right here in East Vancouver, oh the irony!

Arrrhh, the faulty Sea Wench:

Dags showing true West Auckalnd spirit, 8% Woodstock Bourbon and Coke on the foorpath. Don’t get much better than that (the passers-by wouldn’t agree though).

Enjoy your weekned yee scallywags and expect to see a pirate check up before its done. Yeeearrgghhh, Happy shreddings to yous!


No Responses to “Dirt Dags”
  1. chad jones says:

    Nice shot Captain! Although I’m pretty sure that my name is on that spot from which you are shooting.

  2. Yeeaarrhh I hope you don’t mean yer bodily fluids. Scallywag!

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