Ladner’s New Clothes.

A new bowl style skate park has popped up in Ladner (Delta). It sits just across the ways from the old Ladner Park and just passed Ladner bus loop. This park has a fun tight-ish setup with a rad features like this step-up bank extension and a nipple ended hip/box-jump on the end of the spine.

It feels circular in nature which means you usually end up going either clockwise or anti-clockwise. If you get creative you can hit almost every obstacle on your second pass, change direction and do the same on your opposite side.

It features a bit of everything: A nice hip, a moderate spine hipped at both ends and a step-up bank extension to one end. It even has a tight 6 foot pocket. Once the locals have had time to dial her in I bet we will see some ridiculous lines coming out here.

Here’s a pic of Luke ‘Trayle Boss’ roasting the hip. Kinda looks like he’s tail-tapping the pole behind him, might be possible if it wasn’t 20feet back from the bowl, pity.

Once he had the lines dialed, Luke was banging out his ridiculous tables with true trails steez. You can see just how perfectly shaped the hip is and all the surrounding tranny too.

Meatman was on hand taking pictures and as always had a ridiculous amount of knowledge about this park: who built it, where they’re from, what other parks they’re responsible for, why this concrete form is so unique, and all sorts of other juicy facts. For all that info hit up for Meatman’s write up on this park.

Meatman is a true soul rider, he definately digs deeper than most (no pun intended-he’s also a trail boss and responsible for various homemade concrete structures in his homeland), he likes to know who put what where, why they did it that way and even how they did it. He will astound you with his knowledge.

This is my favourite pic of the day. Luke tire-sliding his way casually down one of the quarters. The only way he could me more relaxed doing this would be with a cocktail in his hand with one of those novelty tropical umbrellas with skewered fruit on it “Cheerio lads, mmm glazed cherries!”.

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  1. stevoboss says:

    jaysus meat that shirt makes you look like there is something stuck to your heel, OOOOOHH SAILOR

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