Teet is a madman

Jason Teet is a madman! This pic was taken just this week passed and I’ve decided to put it up in conjunction with the BSD edit of him that also dropped earlier last week. This post is a little late in regards to Jason’s new edit but it deserves recognition all the same.

Jason is a Vancouver import and he shreds with ridiculous passion and commitment on his bike (sometimes even to his own detriment, that’s how you know he’s gonna have a ridiculous edit). On top of this he’s a helluva nice fun-loving guy and he’ll chew your ear off regardless of if you’re a big time pro or a first time grom. I’ve also attatched some of his other edits below so you can see he’s a consistent heavy hitter! Enjoy!

This is the newest edit from Jason, filmed flip-cam style by his bros. Edited by Michael Sharpe, I believe.


Here again another edit by Michael Sharpe, I love the music on this one:


Edit number 3, courtesey of John Thompson of Blazeguard fame.

No Responses to “Teet is a madman”
  1. Jason Teet says:

    very sweet paul! thx bud

  2. Palmer says:

    Sick riding – and some serious commitment to tricks

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