Pirate Check: The Black Pearl….

Yeearrgghh mateys. For those of yee who know, ’tis been a longtime comin but here she is, The Black Pearl, Cap’n Muffer’s trusty steed. And what a steed she is:

She was a rotten old white peugot festerin away in Davey Jones’ locker. Rescued from the pits of hell we shed ‘er of ‘er peugot-ness and disguised ‘er in custom Cap’n Muffer handmade pirate decals that was later painted right into ‘er bodywork.

Headtube Ship:

Downtube Kraken ‘n Ship:

Mid seat tube detail:

Top Seat Tube Detail:

T’was only right to fit Pearl out in somethin slick ‘n pretty so on the front here we dressed ‘er in some Velocity deep-V rims laced to an old suzue hub painted flat white. John Thompson, previously of ride-on, gave ‘er a little class lacing her radially as yee can see:

The drive train is somethin a wee bit special. Pearl was fitted with 3 speed internal Sturmey Archer with coaster brake. The hub was painted flat black before the lads at ride on laced it to a black Velocity deep-V.

The sturmey is shifted by a rapid fire shifter fastened to some unique small beach cruiser bars, meanin there’s only one cable running off the front, which gives Pearl a very clean classy look like the classy lady she is. Pearl also features a lovely chrome 110mm nitto stem, nice and long to give ‘er a nice easy steerin feel.

At the front of the drivetrain we dressed Pearl with this classic 5-star Sugino sprocket and crank combo, courtesy of Don Selby from Rideonagain bikes. We also added some old square pedals and installed some chrome cages threaded with brown leather straps to add to Pearl’s classic look. To really give ‘er maiden status we complimented ‘er with this ‘ere gold KMC chain. Ahhh, ain’t she gorgeous:

We wanted to go with a nice old looking leather seat to complete Pearl’s rustic feel. The masi sprung leather seat looks a lot like a brooks saddle but feels more like you’ve been bare back riding the whole day leaving yer crown jewels a lil bruised ‘n battered, yarharhar!

The hangman here swings to ‘n fro from Pearl’s top tube. A gentle reminder to would-be bike thieves to keep their scurvy paws off Pearl’s beautiful body lest they end up swinging from the gallows by the Cap’ns hands.

Special thanks to Steve Meatman from Ride-On for helpin the build, JT for lacing the wheelset, Don-Selby for the collection of rad old parts and Mike Zombie Davies at Bike Doctor for his helpin hands too.

Cheers lads, Pearl’s looking forward to summer when we kit her out with a Basket for a carrying assorted beverages in and ripping around the seawall.

No Responses to “Pirate Check: The Black Pearl….”
  1. BIKES says:

    Glad to see this thing finished. She’s a beaut brotha.

  2. cheers matey, been a long time comin, she’s fast as hell so it makes up for lost time

  3. Palmer says:

    argghh Moffat shes hardy of the seven seas….. i mean seven streets……rrrrrrghhhhhh to much rum

  4. Kdog says:

    Avast y’matey – thar it be aye t’ turn t’ heads o’ t’ lasss on t’ street

  5. Oompa says:

    Thank the lord that you’ve not been tempted by that scurvy foul maggot ridden temptress the “Fixie”. A true denizen of the deep , that will take your masculinity into it’s clutches ne’er to be see again! Coasters rule.

  6. Arrr not enuf rum, harharhar!

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