Pirate Check: A Ginger Tingle!

Top ‘o the mornin to yee’s, or evenin dependin on yer ’emisphere. The weekend’s ‘ere ‘n its time again fer yee scallywags ta hear ’bout another delicious beverage the Cappy has sampled fer ya. This one here’s a special brew, ‘specially for us pirates in the North where its cold ‘n wintery, cos this ale be remindin me of summer time ‘n fun tings. In order to set the mood proper I had to grab some ‘o me favourite summer records to spin while I sipped on me tangy summer brew.

‘King Khan BBQ Show’ is a great addition to yee summertime collection if yee haven’t already plundered one fer yeeself. With songs like ‘Anala’ , ‘Lonely Boy’ and ‘Animal Party’ along with lyrics like ‘taste buds on my nuts’, it be leavin a grin on even the surliest of sea dogs. It embodies all tings great ’bout summer like bein goofier than a seahorse ‘n more crooked than a clown fish! Tis one yee can listen through both sides ‘n like em both as much ‘n not mind when a scallywag throws her over ‘n plays ‘er once over again. Ah summer nostalgia at its best.

Nostalgia is what this brew’s ’bout, rememberin summer good times. Personally me tinks its the ginger, she’s a spicy playful broad, medium in body, light evenĀ  but with subtle fruity/citrusy flavour that’s followed by a tingly spice unmistakably ginger. A tingle that may remind some of yee of a different summer, like the one where yee spent a day at the Medicine Man’s ta get that cream fer ya ailment and yee had to spend yer days evenins indoors so’s not to attract attention to yer affliction as yee stewed by the window wishin yee hadn’t had that evenin’s independent encounter with that mysterious gentle man or woman. I like to call this the ginger tingle!

For those of yee for whom this rings true let me tell yee, this beer is flavoured with hope. Its spicy liquid stirs up optimism for those of you who’ve suffered at the hands of a cursed summer. This ale shouts ‘Dry yer eyes! Forget yer cursed summer! A new summer is on the way ‘n there’s plunderin to be had! Now drink up yee wenches blouse!’

This be another gorgeous ale by Phillips brewery of Vicoria on Vancouver Island, once again they can do no wrong. This marvelous 5% beer will leave yee refreshed and tempted fer more as her marvelous orange hues playfully encourage you to indulge yerself. She’s barely medium bodied so you know she’s a fine wench in the morning leavin ya feelin ‘not too bad’! All that ‘n then the playful ginger tingle that just stir up those good ‘ol summer memories! Well scallywags I give her a Cap’n Muffer slidin scale 7/10 (8/10 in summer cos it’ll be that much better when its warm out and ye’ve got a chilled crisp glass of it perched against yer lips, aahhhh!)

No Responses to “Pirate Check: A Ginger Tingle!”
  1. Ewan says:

    Where the hell did you find that little lovely????
    Basically the best combination I can think of.
    Going to stack up a few crates and have a Jamaican festival at the maison here.

  2. got her at brewery creek on main street, great selection there.

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