Cheddar is a Shredder

This here is Chester Jones aka Cheddar. He’s recently come back from holiday in New Zealand, clearly he has lost none of his Vancouver chiller steez. Chester is a laid-back, cool individual who typically just goes with the flow and is easy going but don’t let that fool you cos he’s motivated too and sharp as a thumb tack. He can hold down intellectual conversations with the best of ’em but he’s more inclined to throw on a pair of sunnies and flow around Hastings like he’s at the beach. Just like in this picture.

Here’s Chester again, picture perfect Table on one of Hastings many amazing quarters.

Another one of Vancouver’s laid-back locals is Irish export Steve Maeatman. Here’s Steve after a hard day at the bowl…      ..err, I mean office!

Steve Meatman is always down for a shred, I’ve never heard him say no, his wife must be a saint so cheers to her!

Here’s Steve again getting loose after office hours

For those of you who’ve been wondering why the lack of updates, my apologies to you all. I have been getting caught up filming and working on some interesting features for mufffinandpedal so you have a bit more to sink your teeth into than the average dribble that graces these pages from time to time. Your patience will be rewarded, stayed tuned in weeks to come. Cheers ya scallywags.

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  1. g bolts says:

    nice pic muff banger! your photos are sharp!! makes me want to come for a hastings shred soo bad!! probally one of the best skatepark backdrops!

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