A Mercer-ful DAy

Ron Mercer’s new bowl, The Woodyard, is a phenomenal place. It has a lot to offer most riders. There is a huge variety of ramps beside’s a street course but for those of you who like street tranny there’s ample wedge stylings and a jersey barrier quarter to boot. Johnny Knowlden (I hope I spelt that right or he’s gonna pound me into a piece of old boot leather) was onhand to put Ron’s ramps through the necessary structural integrity tests:

Structural Test 1: Blast the sh#$ outta the hip!

Mike Davies was also putting in work, especially on the sub-box where he was sticking footjams like nobody’s business.

Structural Test 2: Roast the curve wall!

Test 3: Mash Curved Wall! Perfectly executed Ruben Wallride! The curve wall hardly bounced at all even after the tenth time I asked Johnny to ‘give me one more pic’ and that’s saying something for the wall.

It was a rad day and really felt like spring. Many thanks to Ron for letting us ride his amazing bowl and many thanks to all ya’ll who let me take photos of ya!

Notable mentions: Ewan Forrest was there on his new steed, a Ruben 21.15 T-1 setup and was doing some very rad lines. Also, the man himself, Ron Mercer was G-turning his way over a crazy box jump thingy and impressed everyone with his mix of technical old skool front brake wizardry as well as an array of plain old bowl shreddary! Sorry there are no photos of these two but time is precious when the weather is this good and time behind the bars (rather than the lens) is even more so.

No Responses to “A Mercer-ful DAy”
  1. wheres that park? says:

    dang that place looks so shitty,

  2. No offense anonymous comment author but its pretty lame to have the nerve to bring you’re kindergarten banter here and not have the balls to post your name. Why don’t you go lurk the forums of feeble bmx or the comeup where there is a thriving community of other limp dick nameless authors of useless comments and opinions.
    Good day to you sir!

  3. Darlene says:

    amazing balance and dexterity – although the mother in me worries you will kill yourself 🙂

  4. ewan forrest says:


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