It’s A Dog’s Life (Part1)

These two little mischief makers pretty much summed up the toneĀ  last Monday. Unleashed balls of pent up energy set loose on Hastings. Just like the pups, everyone was eager and excited to expend some energy at the bowl.

Shredders included the infamous Steve Meatman of Ride On fame, Johnny Nolin, Whistler Luke his buddy Bruno and their pups, Henry and the She-devil (can’t remember your pups name Bruno, sorry mate). Johnny was on true form going ridiculously fast and falling outta the sky at height and in a manner that destroys lesser men:

When he’s not punishing concrete, Johnny can be seen doing his unique lines at the bowl like this one from the backside of the spine (in the pocket) and way over the to the left in this photo. I swear it looks like he goes backwards when he does this, its the only way the transfer makes sense, and of course with height and at speeds of around mach 9 or 10.

The transfer above is normally preceeded by a ridiculous air like this one on the back quarter:

There was also a brief cameo from one of Vancouver’s notorious street riding crews. One of these member’s is none other than Kink’s James Steele. James is a master all things footjam and I managed to snap a decent photo of one of his many casual F-jams at the bowl. (Thanks to Jason Vawter for loaning me his lens)

Whistler Luke, pictured below, embodies everything that’s pure about B.M.X, he doesn’t care about trends, having a rad paint job on his bike or having the latest accessories on his bike but he’s stoked on his ride all the same. He has his own unique tricks and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them as long as he’s having fun and he always seems to be having fun. Just like his pup he’s a ball of pent up energy. Here he is getting totally stoked on something new at Hastings, footplant oppo tables.

Part 2 coming later this week, stay tuned!

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