It’s A Dog’s Life (Part2)

Last post we touched on the rad Hastings session that was had on a random Monday and here we have the second part to that day. We headed out to Horseshoe bay and a swell time was had by all. No-one had a better time than Whistler Luke and between snaking all present skaters and inflicting his unique pedal slides on the coping you could say he got the most out his day.

John was doing his usual…      BLASTING! Classic table, for a classic chap!

Johny was also working this rad wallride into his lines (something myself and maybe some of you lot would like to do some time too):

I promised Luke I would put up this photo of him doing a delightful table on the hip at H-bay. If you haven’t noticed by now, we are serious fans of ‘the table’ trick here at muffinandpedal, in fact its probably the essence of this blog, an appreciation of something that’s timeless, classic and unique to every person. In other words, if you don’t like tables and you’re this far into reading this post then you probably feel like you accidentally stumbled into Celebrities on a Saturday night and just realised what kind of ‘club’ it is and you’ve stayed well past you’re comfort level cos you were too embarrassed to leave right away. Well, this is your chance to leave and say’ I gave it a go, but I don’t think this place is for me!’.  And without further adue, Luke’s table:

Side Note: Not bad for a guy who learned to table his regular way THAT day!


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  1. rideonagain says:

    bowled legged celebrity go’er tables

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