Spring is in the Air

Once again, another weekend has been and gone and most of us are back at work. Some of us spent the weekend getting rowdy and sinking plenty of pirate ales, others of us spent time on our kids bikes getting our shred on and then there’s those of us who split our time between to the two. Yesterday the sun was out and beating down on Vancouver so those who managed to save themselves for Sunday were treated by an amazing shred in T-shirt worthy weather. The mood was great, everyone was stoked to get out and work out their rusty limbs. Here Richard ‘Dagger’ demonstrates how to breathe life into rusty joints, stretching out his knees in mid oppo table.

Luis Almazan was on deck this day and he made everyone hoot and holla when he dropped in on his first run, a huge smile stretched across his face, and threw (and caught) a tailwhip much  like this one pictured. FYI I wouldn’t recommend this approach to de-rusting ‘wintery’ joints but all the same, he was very impressive throwing tailwhip after tailwhip till he was satisfied that he did a nice one.

Blair Mason is the latest New Zealander to land on Canadian shores and of course is residing in none other than the great city of Vancouver. He seems a quiet sort with a pleasant disposition, patiently waiting his turn to drop in, but once he does he has an attention grabbing dirt style, understated but smooth and oozing style. Spend half an hour with him on the bike and you might think he’s a shy sort but I have it on good authority that him and his roommate are more than a little social once they have the pirate juice in them (They’re already on the naughty list at a local backpackers bar, not to worry though cos it’s full of Auzzies). Here he is Toboggan-ing the small spine at Hastings:

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