Another Day in Paradise

Spring has finally settled and without fail Vancouver weather has been swinging from one team to another like a sexually confused teenager. Yesterday though,  the gods smiled upon us and treated us to a nippy but clear day of sunshine. So ,like all good Vancouverites, we grabbed our wheels and made use of the weather as best we know how.

Here Mike Zombie Davies shows us the structural integrity of his inseam with this extended one foot x-up at Hastings.

Usually when the weather turns out this great we’re up and at the skatepark early in the morning (or at least for a weekend day) to make the most of the sunshine and get a few lines in before it gets busy. Luis Almazan here is not a fan of this method, admittedly he says “I’m not a morning person” (personally I think its the Saturday evening tequila shots that do it to him) but he certainly makes up for it with his enthusiasm and excited nature when he finally turns up. Here he is with a no-footcan/Indian air on his so called ‘warm-up’ run, I wish my warm-up runs looked like this.

Chris Young is another fellow who favors the early rise method. Here this classic Vancouver bowl hog throws down a classic one-foot flatty over the Tron style nipple at Hastings.

Most of us on the morning Hastings schedule can be found puttering around or in the bowl. ‘Rico’ ‘Dagger’ Gregory though, can be found in the ‘street’ section or on ledges outside the park honing his street skills. Clearly it pays off  as you see here while he 50-50 slides to 180 off a short rail with a less than perfect run up. He sure makes it look nice though.

The 180 off: (bad timing on my part but take my word for it, it was pulled clean)

The final image I wanna leave you with is Ken here who is the latest Kiwi to Vancouver transplant. You may be wondering why I chose this pic. You can pick it apart endlessy: the subjects not in focus, its not framed in that well, it’s not an ‘action shot’ and between you and me Ken doesn’t even ride BMX. Still though, its perfect. Look at the expression on Ken’s face, you can see he just loves being on a bike, and even though he looks like a little fish in a big pond and he’ll admit that Hastings is out of his league I could tell by the end of the day that he had the ‘Hastings bug’ stealing runs on my whip while I was taking photographs and smiling ear to ear the whole time (even when he slid out on the quarter). Truthfully this is my favourite photo cos Ken here embodies BMX here, doesn’t matter what you ride, how you ride or how good you ride it’s all about that good feeling and Ken has it!

Now go ride your ferking bikes!

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