Tid Bits

The crew were out on Sunday passed and after the habitual Hastings warm-up we went on a mission. 1st stop-,Railside Port Coquitlum, proved unfruitful, our shred foiled by a skate comp. 2nd stop, Lafarge Port Coquitlum, also unfruitful due to the abundance of unsupervised children transforming the park into a feverish snake pit. However, I must note that the Ghetto Mansion crew were there and they fared much better than us old BMX vets.

After wasted hours, fuel and countless u-turns, we ventured to Simon Fraser University and found a plethora of great street during the final hour or so of falling light. Luis trekked out to meet us despite his mounting workload and managed to suprise himself with a couple of decent whips on this rad wedge set-up:

Part of the usual crew and captain of the aqua Mazda seabus is Dagger. Here he executes a precision hop over some shady cones via an s-bend run-up and a short, tight wedge:

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet shred photoblog, we’re always trying to improve here at muffinandpedal so if you have any suggestions then feel free to leave something in the comments section.

No Responses to “Tid Bits”
  1. Goldie says:

    hey nice work as always paul!
    sunday is my only day off it seams so besure to get in touch
    its blair by the way 🙂 cant get that kiwi out of your lense he is shreding anything put in his path

  2. ging ning says:

    go to the trails and dig ya daft

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