United by a Common Interest

We all love Hastings,orĀ  at least those of you who visit this blog do. Come rain or shine, sober or hungover, board or bike we’re all there for one reason, the love of Hastings bowl. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trick guy or line guy or tech guy, just getting that buzz from pumping round the bowl is enough to stretch the grin right across you face, even more if you do something new there or conquer a fear you had of some obstacle, line or trick. It’s that good feeling we’re all after and Jordan Ross feels it below in the midst of a dipped T-bog at Hastings bowl.

Special credit to JR for whipping a few of these out for your enjoyment whilst compromised by a severe hangover. JR also managed to ‘hang’ in there long enough to get over twisted in these dialed x-ups and thankfully I was sharp enough to drop the shutter at an appropriate time.

If we’re going to talk about Hastings and good feelings then you can’t go any further without mentioning Jordan Hango. He embodies the very essence of ‘the buzz’ we all come to experience when we come to Hastings. His enthusiasm is inspiring. He’s like an energizer bunny, his lines go on forever and instead of slowing down or going lower with each passing air he ends up going faster and higher with every second he stays in there until he feels satisfied with his performance. Every time he drops in its like that. Here’s just a glimpse of what I mean, a rather impressive tuck no-hander from shallow to deep over the spine.

Steve Meatman from Ride-On has a scale on their facebook page for measuring the quality of tuck no-handers, I think its safe to say this one will be well within the high quality region.

For a long time there was tension between skaters and bikers at Hastings. Since my arrival it hasn’t been apparent except for the odd occassion. No one makes this more apartment than Hango because when he’s in the middle of a run you can here the beating of boards on the flat-deck when he does something rad or roasts an 8 foot air somewhere. Thanks to good natured shredders like Hangtime Hango biker-skater tension seems to be washings away. The evidence:

FYI, the skater looking up at Jordan is none other than Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce. Rob is a Hastings local and is one of Canada’s long standing pro skaters and its never more apparent how rad Hango is than when Rob loses his shit over one of Hango’s ridiculous airs. If you’ve ever seen one of Rob’s airs then you’ll know what a compliment it is to be getting props from him, he also happens to be a nice guy and is always friendly to us bikers.

I hope this has inspired ya’ll to shred and hopefully to share you’re shit like we’re all learning to down at Hastings bowl. Stay rad!

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  1. Beadle says:

    Hell yeah Moffat! NIce little write up. looks interesting with its new zebra paint job.

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