The Lazer’s Edge

The long weekend has been and gone. I was home from a little vacation just in time to catch up with muffinandpedal homie Andrew Lazaruk. We took at rip down to Vanier park and had a quick dig and jump session before moving on to Horseshoe Bay for the rest of the good weather. We took some snaps that I thought were worth sharing so here’s  Andrew with his mega style and graces us with his textbook 1-foot Darkside.

Here’s another darkside from an ‘artsy’ angle. I tend to say that when I fudge the subject by blocking him behind trees in the foreground but you get the idea.

The only thing more unnerving than a rogue lazer is an unsupervised zombie. Here’s a semi unsupervised zombie about to put his back out whilst bare back riding this corner. He roasts through it! (That’s Mike Davies for those of you who don’t know)

Mike likes trails cos it helps him find his ‘rhythm’ and was no better demonstrated than during his disco airs like the one below. You should see him with his one hand one foot combos on the dance floor, they’re even more mesmerizing than the ones here if you’ll believe it.

Lazer reppin’ his new sponsors and looking a little lost….

…but then he found his mojo! Nothing beats a Lazer invert: clicked, shoulder bruisin’ steez!

Lazer’s had a lot of great coverage recently getting a photos in BMX plus and shortly to feature in the pages of ride magazine. With tables like the one above you can’t say it’s not well deserved. Can’t wait to see more from this guy in coming weeks, always a pleasure to watch him ride.

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