Video Feature: muffinandpedal Homies!

Over the winter and spring I’ve been getting to know my way around my camera’s video features and along the way I’ve managed to collect a handful of nice clips around Vancouver of our homies having fun on their whips. Its not anything groundbreaking or banger-riffic but it has a nice feel to it and I thoughtr it would be good to compile it into a mix section rather than just let them clips gather dust on the hard drive. Hope you enjoy it.


Andrew Lazuruk (Lazer),
Mike Davies (Zombie BMX),
Cappin Muffer (Cappin Muffer)
Jordan Ross (JR),
Carl Arnet (Hot Carl, Hot Baby, Kooka Face),
John Nolan (Big John, Johnny Tsawassen),
Luis Almazan (Eric)

Credit to the filmers:

Steven Meatman, Luis Almazan, Cappin Muffer

No Responses to “Video Feature: muffinandpedal Homies!”
  1. Awesome video mate, lets shoot more

  2. Oompa says:

    Not bad, good vibe. Cheers Moffat!

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