Piraat Check: Yeearrr, we be quiet from time ‘t time but we arrrrghhh still here

Yeearrhh! S’cuse me my fellow Muffers, been a long time since Capp’n Muffer graced the pages ‘ere. None the less, its straight back t’ bus’ness. Put down yer wenches and yer joysticks ‘n gather ’round so yer good capp’n can tell yee ’bout a beauty of an ale he’s been samplin’ this eve! Mostly we been inclined t’ the micro ‘n craft brewin beers over the generic mess of Sullivan Chode bevvies out there. Not t’ say that this ‘ere bevvy belongs on the shelf with the other Sully’s but she be from a prolific mass produced place not well known fer originality or individuality so she comes as a suprise that her governin bodies ‘ave managed to procure such a unique and delicious brew in spite of her predecessors.

This ‘ere be the Kronenburg Blanc, beautifully procured in the land renowned for savaging frog legs! Straught out o’ France, jus; in time fer Summer!

Many a great brew be consistin of water, barley malt, wheat and other generic matter but this ‘ere brew ‘as somethin special ta bring t’ the table. If one takes the time t’ explore their taste palettes oon consumption they be rewarded by the summery tingly flavors of: Aromatic Caramel, Orange Peel and Coriander.

Yee be thinkin ‘What’s them doin in an ale!?’ but give ‘er go fer this combination of fermentation conjures the perfect combination of flavors ‘n aromas t’ compliment the mildest, yet also, the wildest o’ summers. At first there’s a the smooth beer flavor complimented by servings o’ citrus n’  sweet but hang in there cos there be spicy under current tha one can only assume the corriabder nsut bring t’ the table. Surely this be an excitin, refreshin sweet summer ale worthy  quenchin the thirst of any ‘ard workin seafarin folk.

Unfortunately it be a such a sweet ‘n delicious brew that it ought lead yee in t’ ‘avin a swig or four afore yee’ve even manged to review ‘er fully. Thankfully she’s just the average, weighin’ in at a respectable 5% and hence no more a danger than any other on Sully shelf.

Her sharp ‘n fruity nature be leavin ya turnin ’em over faster than yee can procure ’em, thankfully though, that average weight of 5% lessens the risk of wakin in some uncharted quarters or bushes(figurative an’ literal) . Albeit that might be yer goal in which case I would nay recommend this ale to serve yer ends unless yee be deep pocketed ‘n got the cannons on yee t’ bring a more ‘an a couple 6’ers home.

Me personal recommendation is t’ grab yer favorite mug with a pic o’ yer favorite sea wench (like mine here) ‘n full’r up t’ breakin point. Sit back, take a load of n’ turn yer wench on ‘er head! Tha’s how the Cappy likes his summer ale! Just a single servin will do…..


…single servings come in cases of 6 fer the Cappy. So make like yer  Capp’n and have a ‘single servin fer good measure. Fell free to do so ‘n let us know where yee end up.

Yeeearrrggh , Till next time!

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