mushroom and pedal

For many weeks now Trayle Boss, Dyllie and crew have been working hard to dial in their jumps at Kush Trails. Just as often as they dig they have also extended the invitation for people to come out and ride and help out a bit. After a long period of procrastination I managed to make it out there with the usual suspects to sample the fruits of someone elses labour. It has to be said, these Trails are exceptional. It’s obvious when you turn up that a lot of creativity has gone into these trails but even more obvious is the amount of time, patience and hard labour that has been spent here while the rest of us have been enjoying indoors parks or just plain old indoors over the wintery months.

You can’t be a proper trail Boss unless you can throw down a 360 whenever and wherever you please on your own jumps. Luke Trayle Boss doing just that on his first run. He calls it a warmup, the rest of us call it a clip but that’s just how he is, casual, unpretentious but oozing with style.

A little sneak peak at the ‘small line’, with the step-up jump on the right and the rest of the line in the background plus a newer line off to the left that I’m still yet to see someone do.

Here’s Chad Jones Roasting the Berm that leads to the 1st jump in the ‘small line’.

Chad again laying a nice flat Table on the hip in the dirt bowl section

Not many trails have dirt bowls and not many of them are as good as this. I would push to say a fair amount of us would rather ride this bowl than some of the incredible bowls Vancouver has to offer. It has flow, was designed and built by BMXers and constantly gets better. Case and point is Travis Burroughs here Tail Tapping the wallride.How many parks have wallrides, this one does.

Here’s me enjoying a Turndown courtesy  of the sweat of someone else’s brow. I definitely felt the guilt rising the more I rode that day, realizing how much work had been done and I was getting to enjoy that interest free.  Photo credit to Mike Davies at Zombie.

Really made me appreciate having a trail scene where the guys are easy going and are inclined to extend an invitation for you to come and enjoy their  jumps. I always feel appreciated there when I do a water run, or pick up a broom or a shovel despite the fact that I don’t know what to do and Luke has to come fix up all the ‘work’ I’ve done hahaha.

Infinite thanks to Luke Trayle Boss, Dylan King, Chester Jones, Kip and Steve Meatman for all their hard work and their kind invitations to come ride and dig at their home trails.

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  1. darlene says:

    very nice trail Paul – looks like lots of fun.

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