Is This Summer?

Anyone who lives in Vancouver must be going insane. The only two things can expect here is rain and construction. Its supposed to be a simmering summer right now and we’ve only had a handful of decent days. Having said that though, when its decent, its magnificent and those of us who know that make the most of it. This was supposed to be a riding post but due to rain, rebuilding my bike, procrastinating the trails, and hassles with security at QE park we used the final hours of light and made the most of our grassy spot to take in what feels like summer.

Vancouver’s long lost little brother has returned to us safely and is full of beans. George Bolter will hopefully be gracing our pages many more times than just here as he sits with the equally elusive Davey Boy Struthers of ride on.  Sightings of Dave getting his shred on are almost as rare as the infamous Paul B. but if you know his day to day you’ll know where to find him and it’s not too hard to coax him out for a roastin’ session.

Helmet cam! Notice the ominous black cloud behind us, gotta get it in those rays when and where you can.

Different Day, different session, different man, same ideal. Sharpey knows how to soak up the rays and some fine beverages too, repping summer all the way.

Summer can’t be enjoyed to its fullest without a variable that acts as a catalyst. At muffinandpedal that variable is our whips (another great catalyst is a 6er of palm bay but you don’t wanna combine those two catalysts often or you may get burned). Here’s my whip looking gorgeous as ever.

Davey knows how to accessorize:

Here’s a shot of shameless self promotion. Myself trying real hard to embody my favorite dirt rider’s, only smaller jumps, not as tweaked and not as graceful, one can hope though. Photo courtesey of Luis at, edited by myslef.

Enough of this reading tripe! Go out, get on yer whips, get some summer and if you aint in the mood then get one of these on me.

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