Weavin’ n’ Bobbin’

Another weekend been and gone. This one in particular was somewhat special seeing as it was Canada Day on Friday and resulted in a long weekend. No better time to shred. One person in particular who shreds is M’n’P homie Ewan Forrest. Ewan is a quirky character, never short of a smile and a laugh and has a pretty creative flavour about him. He’s not short of a couple o’ hefty kahunas which he managed to allocate with his rear wheel while doing a serious wallride in the down town eastside. Although this series of photos is a bit misleading (starting with Ewan’s fall from grace here) but I can vouch for him pulling a number of these long before this one was taken.

A parting gift from the wall, fair’s fair I suppose.

Here’s my favourite from the day, Ewan half way into a table at the peak of his ride. The sun was hot and bright as hell and I accidentally captured a rainbow cast off the corrugated surface of the wallride building.

Before all this wallride goodness went down, Ewan myself and John Knwolden were roasting some corners at Hastings skatepark. Ewan recently purchased a DSLR camera and put it to use Hastings. It’s a great watch and I think he’s got a great eye for editing, I can’t wait to see more. Good song choice too. Thanks Ewan.



My final parting gift from the weekend is this gem from our wallride session. Nothing says midlife crisis more than buying a mazda mx-5 soft top and painting shark teeth on the grill to cruise the quiet blocks of Hastings mean streets. I’m sure even the ‘working’ ladies in the neighborhood have a hard time holding back their laughter when this John rolls up on the block. A lil advice from Cappy, if you have the coin lying around for one of these and you must have something that rushes the wind through your balding middle-aged head then put it to Harley or some other badass classic bike and for gods sake don’t drive it around Hastings looking for attention, you can’t even open it up properly down there. Head to the beach or the open roads that way if you don’t turn any heads you can at least do your best to tear your own off while you open the throttle.

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