Woods in the Hood.

Not much can compare to a day in the woods with your homies enjoying mild, warm temperatures under the canopy of green surrounding exceptional trails. The boys pictured here live for this, its their day to day. ‘Not too ferkin bad’ you might say but its only due to the love of the woods, a keen a eye for the terrain and litres of sweat passing their brows that such a place exists.

Luke Trayle Boss is a marvel with a shovel and has put in hundreds, maybe thousands of hours into perfecting his jumps into something of an art. You can only fully appreciate his work when you see him roasting his steed over said jumps.

Another man who has the same dedication to his art is young Dylan King. He has a passion for dirt that only few have and it can’t be denied that he has some of the most ridiculous Turndowns in the trails game (or any other discipline for that matter). The picture above of Dylan showcases the size and perfection that the jumps have become. I believe this is the 5th jump in the ‘Main Line’ and there’s two more after it, getting steadily bigger as they go!

But trails aren’t all serious business and crazy jumps! It’s all about fun and nothing says fun and rad times like bar-humping the crap out of yer steed on a fun line! Dilly doing exactly that on one of the best ‘small’ lines at the trails.

Rory here is one of the new Irish ex-pats and is not unfamiliar to the dirt on both the handle of a shovel and the handle of this bars as shown here with a decent oppo-table at decent altitude.

Above you get an idea of how big the Main line is getting. At this height anyone looks good but if you’re the Trayle Boss you look a little better cos your a little higher and a little more casual, and why not, you built the jump right?

A new man to Vancouver but not to Canada is Dave Laliberte. He whips these tables out pretty casually and is one of the few men riding trails brakeless, damn youngins! Dave recently dropped a mix tape, make sure you check out the edit.

Days like these don’t get much better than this but there’s no harm in trying. Thanks to Luke and Dylan for day!

Make sure you gt to King of Dirt at Vanier this weekend, it’;s being put on by Ride On so you know it’ll be a blast!

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  1. Carl C says:

    So sick……..

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