Battle For Granville.

By now you all heard that there was a Jam last weekend held by the infamous Blaze Olsen (the man behind the Canadian Concrete Series). If you have us on facebook you’ve already seen a collection of pics from the day, if not get face booking and check out our muffinandpedal page. These pictures however are my favourite from the day and have been tweaked for your viewing pleasure:

Dave Struthers judging…                                               …!

Repping the hoods from Kush woods was Dylan King seen here dumping 3’s. Oozing trail steez!

Dave Laliberte is a shredder and had a ton of great combos involving limbless tricks and superman variations. Here he is casually no foot canning.

The Boss was ever lurking, ensuring that there was ample trails related shredding going on to balance all the upside downies, bar chuckers and fram whippers that were in ample supply on the day.

Ron Mercer was on hand to keep the crowds entertained between runs. Ron has an amazing wood ramp setup in his yard, I bet he had his eyes on these box jumps hoping they went to a good home and not back to the yard at Rona.

One guy who impressed me a lot was James VDK (Van De Kamp). I didn’t see him do any bar chuckers, whips or upside downers and he still got as much hootin’ ‘n hollarin’ as those who did. James went high as F#$% and whip is backend out like his life depended on it, the result..        …radness:

This was probably my favourite pic and trick of the day. High Turndown 360, clicked better than most do them straight. James got shred!

Hot Baby was on hand, being nothing but a hot piece of cougar meat as usual!

Hang time Hango:

Hangtime hanging ten or more classically known as the No Foot Cancan.

Well known and a favourite among crowds and riders is Wade Lajlar. He was definately pulling out all the stops on the day, throwing flipwhips, super whips, 720’s, you name it. The thing I liked most was when he threw this serious 180 at good height very nearly pulling it clean if he had made the roll out. Stilll anice pic though.

The end of the day wrapped up with all the riders repetitively riding trains down the line of box jumps while RT was hollering over the megaphone for them to chill out so he could wrap up the day and hand out the results.

It was a pretty rad day and riders were treated to good swag and tunes while the laymen were treated to a BMX spectacle. Here at Mn’P we’re not too concerned with results, we’re more inclined to share good times with our bros and have fun, hopefully these pics have done a good job to support that cause and showcase our fellow bros from a rider’s perspective.


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