Good Dose of Wood!

Saturday’s gone, but while it was here it brought good weather and great riding along with it. There’s no better place to shred on a great day than at Ron Mercer’s place, the Woodyard. The veteran’s club was there in full force (I won’t name names but I was among them), and later we were joined by the young guns.

One of the youngin’s is Travis Sexsmith, he’s a treat to watch and does crazy stuff without warning like in the picture below. What you can’t see is the banked curved wall behind me. What I didn’t see was Travis about to 270 transfer out of it and over my head. I was setting up for a shot of something and someone else but somehow ended with this pic of Travis narrowly avoiding tragedy. I use the term ‘narrowly’ very loosely when referring to Travis because if you’ve seen him ride you know he has ridiculous cat-like reflexes combined with a magic foot that he stomps from ridiculous heights and speeds. Travis always seems to walk away unscathed from crashes that would obliterate mortal men.

Whenever I read James’s initials I want to make some kind of humorous JCVD reference but JVDK isn’t quite close enough. As you all know, JCVD stands for Jean-Claude Van Damme, one of the great late 80’s early 90’s Martial Arts action film stars of all time. If you didn’t know that then you were born in the wrong era and there always be a gaping hole in your life that only JCVD can fill. James kills the woodyard with his Double Overhead Round-House-Kick Outs, JCVD would approve!

Batting for the Veterans Club was Chris Young who was shredding his new whip. Not too often you can complain about your whip being too light but when you’re a Vet like Chris then you have the right to complain about whatever you want. Personally I think this may be one of the nicest 1-Fooot Flatties I’ve seen a long time so that new whip can’t be all bad.

On a personal note I would like to thank a few people. Firstly Ron Mercer who has provided the youth (and Vet’s ) of Vancouver with one of the most epic bowl/parks in the city. His hard work and dedication have truely shone through to manifest themselves into the delight that is Woodyard! Woodyard would not be what it was without the assistance of Braeden Barnard and all the others who have pitched in time and labour to piece the place together. Braeden’s creativity and skilled hands are the driving force behind some of the best features at Woodyard so thank you!

A special thanks to Chris Young who helped me get this website going and even purchased the .com so all you visitors had a few less words to type when you want to come to muffinandpedal. We simply we wouldn’t be here without Chris…

..we might’ve been over there still. Maybe?

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  1. ron mercer says:

    thank you my wife for all your support your the best..

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