Happy Thanks Giving Ya’ll!

Andrew Lazaruk has got some pretty amazing tables. Although, he does complain about bruised shoulders from hitting his stem and split shins from rubbing his top tube while clicking into these. I would feel sorry for the guy except, for  most of us don’t have the ability to contort into these ridiculous Tables so big F-in waaaa to you Lazer. When I bruise my shoulder from a Table out of a Wallride I’m gonna ear to ear smiles!

Thanks to Lazer I have met a very talented young Canadian BMXer by the name of Greg Flag. Until now I had only seen Greg ride street via vimeo edits and the like but after spending a couple sessions with him I can testify that he is no stranger to ramp riding and is easy on the eyes…            …his riding I mean. Shred-tastic Downside Footplant at shred-able Ron’s Woodyard.

Here at M’n’P we love the classics and Lazer only does the classics. So once again, here is Lazer. Classic Tailtap at the end of a sesh, goodtimes!

Normally I wouldn’t post flips on this sight, in fact I think this is the first but our good friend Luis Almazan is the exception. Luis has been jabbering about flairs FOREVER!!! On this day he tried his first legitimate flairs (no bitch runs, foam pits or fly outs on this day) and almost rolled away from one too. So yes this is an un-pulled trick pic BUT!, before you judge take a look at his head and the emanate ass kicking he’s about to receive. Consider that this flair pic was taken without warning directly after receiving an ass wooping on his first attempt, no recovery just pedal to the opposite tranny and pedal back and receive flesh pounding number 2! Luis was close and I’m sure he’ll be rolling smoothly away from these soon enough but in the mean time, props to you mate for sending it and sending it again, if you want it bad enough it will come!

3 Responses to “Happy Thanks Giving Ya’ll!”
  1. Harley says:

    Posted these up on the MacNeil site, dope shots man!

  2. Muffin says:

    Yea no worries, thanks for the mention at Macneil.

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