Hango Vs Hastings

It’s getting to that time of year when the sun sets early, its getting too cold to ride comfortably and soon it’ll be too wet to ride when motivated. With this in mind  we’ve been squeezing in as many sessions at our favourite spots as we can. For my friends and I there’s no better place than Hastings. Jordan Hango must’ve had the same scentiment the other day and we were able to watch the spectacle that is Hangtime while he squeezed in a good session at Hastings.

Jordan ‘Hangtime’ Hango with a ridiculous Lookback somewhere mid-run, probably on his warm up lap.

Hango makes X-ups look reatarded:

I have seen good 1-Foot Cancans before and Ive witnessed great tables but I have NEVER seen them together untill jordan. Yes look closely or click to see it bigger but this is a ridiculous 1-Foot Cancan Table/Invert. WTF!

Cappy was having a blast learning 1-hand tables so forgive me for squeezing this one in but I’m pretty stoked on it.

Hopefully the incoming cold will slow Hango down a slightly and let the rest of us catch up a little. Either way he’s a treat to watch so thanks Hango for entertaining us with your steez!

Special thanks to Luis Almazan who snapped all these pics, cheers Mexi!

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