Rock ‘n Roll Keg & Rad!

With the cold weather setting in and the rain plaguing us, I felt obliged to reflect on warmer happier days. A while ago there was a keg ride I was fortunate enough to be invited on and took the opportunity bring my camera and pester everyone with it. There’s no better way to enjoy your city than to ride your bikes around it in warm weather while drinking beer.

On this occasion we took it to another level and managed to strap 2 kegs to Dave Emmens side hack which carried our magic ale from location to location like a mighty steed! This is one hell of a side hack, it’s nicer than most people’s regular bikes. I believe the frame is an old S&M LTF and the rest of the parts on it aint to shabby either.

Dave of Ride On was the man to mount the Keg’n’Steed and was a true champ busting his calves to the bone pedalling the Sidehack with 2 kegs up hills and around the sea wall for us.

Good friends, good weather, good beer, great ride, great city! If you want more than that then you’re a greedy bastard!

Don Junior and Dave E. Only a few beers deep and already getting into the deep and meaningfuls, you can only imagine what the rest of the night had in store.

High fives are compulsory on Keg rides, even more so if you’ve just chugged on a keg stand!

If I had to describe this picture I would call it Vancouver: City of Sails. That title already exists for the city of my homeland Auckland, New Zealand so I may have to amend it to Vancouver: City of Syringes.

It ain’t a trip around the seawall till you’ve made it to the 9 o’clock gun. If you’ve never been here before or you’ve not visited Vancouver then this is a must do. An old artillery cannon goes off (every night I believe) at precisely 9pm, a tradition that has lasted since 1898 (according to Wikapedia). It also boasts some of the best views of downtown Vancouver.

Full moon + Beer = Crazy times ahead.

This spot is all the way on the other side of the sea wall from the 9’oclock gun and is a great quiet spot to take care of a keg or two. It also represents the turning point in the night and was the first location¬† to be graced by copious amounts of male nudity.

“Please Sir! May I have another.”

Big John amazed and relieved that his cup was still upright and full after dropping his beer from his chin to the floor. “I bet you $10 you can’t do that again”…….

$10 bucks says you can do it twice I guess! The good sport with the empty wallet on the right but check out Bob Holiday on the left, I don’t think anyone could be more stoked. You know the night is going downhill when Bobby starts embracing you for no good reason. Bob is also responsible for many of the mysterious bruises that turn up on people’s bodies in the following days passed these events. I know I found a Bob Holiday sized knuckle imprint on my right arm a few days after the Keg and Ride. That shit really hurts too!

I have never been on a keg and ride that hasn’t had a bon fire at the beach, we weren’t about to start on this one. This was also the location for the final but most copious abuse of male nudity.

These two lovely ladies saw the fire, the kegs and the amount of fun we were having around it and thought it might be nice to join us. It also happened to be one of theirs 30th birthdays so a naked Adam went over and gave her a birthday hug in his birthday suit. The said event yielded a midlife crisis for the birthday girl who, teary eyed, wondered where she had gone wrong in her life that lead to the events that resulted in her being single, 30 and on a beach with rowdy young naked men for company. Doesn’t sound that bad to me however, that was the last that was seen of them and we went back to polishing off the keg.

End of night, kegs running low but by no means dry. The crew withered down to 4, myself, Dave S, Blaze Dad and Caveman Canon.

Blazedad and Caveman keepin’ ‘er goin’!

Most people get a second wind before they call it a day or pass out, Caveman has 3rd’s and 4th’s. This was the 4th, no cup, no problem “plug it to my veiinnnsss!!” When Caveman is truly done he vanishes into thin air like a phantom, no-one hears him leave, no-one sees him leave. Poof! Gone!

Lil Dave is a bigger man than you when you consider how much he can consume relative to anyone else’s size no matter how big they are. Looking a little worse for wear but still standing when bigger men have fallen (or passed out). Dave is the man who makes these things happen, unfolding ideas and pipe dreams into events and is the middle man that brings us all together on these misadventures. Big thanks to Davey for letting me tag along.

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