Happy Feet

Well the seasons have officially changed and fall is in full swing. Naturally the thing to do is to squeeze in as many good sessions as you can. Thankfully there has been some exceptional days, almost hinting at an Indian summer and providing ample opportunities to squeeze those sessions and keep those feet shredding and satisfied  in on whatever terrain you desire.

One such occassion was spent at Vanier park with Blair ‘Goldie’ Mason and Luis ‘Sexy Mexi’ Almazan. Blair was definitely amped that day, maybe it was for the All Blacks leading up to their win in the World Cup recently or maybe Blair just likes to do the Haka with his feet mid set at the dirt jumps. Either way Goldie is a true blue kiwi and in typical style represented his homeland well with his ‘kiwi-isms’, rugby banter and kiwi tuxedo (short’s ‘n T-shirt) despite being a very cold Fall day. Goldie with a Haka.

Paul Langlands would be proud of Goldie’s one hander Toboggan thingy, I like to call it ‘the Ol reach around teabag tickler’. Whatever you call it, it’s pretty sweet.

Blair is a shredder and a humble one at that. Very casual and consistent tuck no-hander mid set on the Big line at Vanier.

Another Man with happy feet (but sad ankles) is Luis the Sexy Mexi. Here he throws a whip cleanly over the last in the middle line.

Luis’ hero is Corey Nastasio, so anything that Nasty does Luis wants to do. Luis has been working hard at doing ‘Nasty’s’ and the evidence shows as he demonstrates here with his Nasty like superman’s

Hopefully there will be a few more dry days and we’ll have more to share with you soon, thanks for staying posted.


One Response to “Happy Feet”
  1. Carl says:

    Sick…… yeah Goldie rippin

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