Ride On Crew: Live and Let Die, the Surrey Edition.

Couple ‘o nights ago the Ride On crew mustered their collective organisational skills together and came up with a brilliant scheme…                   …ride the new Surrey Park. Yup what a pearla! It just so happens that Davey Boy Struthers had also recently purchased the best custom Van in all of Western Canada (Van Check to come..) so we had no problem fitting several ripe smelling Ride On representatives and their trusty steeds in the back of Davey Jones’s Locker (i.e. the Back of the Van).

Here you can see what the bowl has to offer as Davey Boy empties the pocket. It’s well lit, covered and dry so it’s perfect for those wet short days that old man winter has been throwing our way.

Hot Carl was on form this evening and consumes most of this post. A little invert action, very hot!

Same bowl, same tranny, same Carl but with a T-boggan.

Carl was in high spirits this evening and not only kept us entertained with his barrage of skilled and quirky tricks he also provided us with soundtracks for most of the night thanks to the improved acoustics of the new Surrey park’s ceiling. In fact his ballad of Gun’s and Roses ‘Live and Let Die’ was so exceptional it inspired the title for this post. Here, enjoy a tail whip courtesy of Axl ‘Arnett’ Rose:

Check back soon for video footage from said night (and other sessions). Should be up next week the latest.


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  1. […] guys DAVE and CARL getting some winter shredding in at the new Surrey skatepark. Photo stolen from MUFFINANDPEDAL, so head on over there for a write up and lots more […]

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  2. […] by some clips at the new surrey bowl with Davey Struthers and Carl Arnett of Ride On fame (from a recent post we did). Really it was just an excuse to experiment with After Effects and some Colour […]

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