Fall Reflections: Part 1

Yet another fall has come and gone and Old Man Winter has settled his weary bones for good. This piece is a chance to reflect on the fall just been, many wet days chilly days leading up to winter but some great fun and plenty of shredding to be had by those who seized the opportunity when it presented itself. Fall is also host to one of the best holidays, one we in the Southern hemisphere don’t celebrate in nearly the way it deserves, Halloween. So lets start with that.

The boys over at zombiebmx will appreciate this one, a true tribute to the walking dead.

I’m always taken aback and impressed by the time and effort people put into transforming their yards, sheds and garages into Halloween masterpieces. These photos were taken around the Main Street, Mount Pleasant area. 13th and 14th Ave are close to me and the families there go to lots of trouble making Halloween as rad and scary as possible. This one was particularly scary, can you imagine being a kid between 4 & 7 years old and seeing this, you would crap your pants, I did and I’m 30.

There was a questionable character looking a bit too smug with himself, sitting on his porch as people walked passed this display. No doubt a single man, judging by the reactions of the fairer sex passing his creative display, which hasn’t helped his chances.

The only thing potentially cooler than zombies are werewolves and even cooler still are headless ones. This guy takes the cake. There was actually someone in the cape holding the wolf’s head, unbeknown to myself and my significant other, who scared the crap out of us as he made his presence known.

Halloween is so rad and after all the cool dead things and terrific scares, they give you candy to sweeten the deal. A little awkward to acquire when you’re a grown man without a child or a costume but persistence always wills out. Skulls are equal opportunists, they judge everyone equally from 3 year old ewok children to 30 year old un-costumed men.

Part 2 coming up next where we’ll focus on more of the day time and riding stuff! Also, this week we drop a new web-vid so stay tuned.

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