Fall Reflections: Part 2.

Fall is one of those funny seasons, it’s easy to get caught up and bummed out with the less than desirable elements that fall brings: wet weather, transition into cold, soggy slippery leaves on the road and ultimately and sadly the regression of the riding season. However, there is ample to enjoy for the opportunist who seizes the moment and takes advantage of the blessings fall has to offer. The immaculate colours of the trees, intense reds, yellows and oranges that mother nature bestows upon us. Interspersed between the soggy days are perfectly mild dry(ish) days to get out and ride with your homies. And yes, maybe the bone chilling wet that sets in hampers the quality of those shreds but its still an opportunity to catch up with friends, talk shit and enjoy a couple cold ones while taking in natures splendors, all whilst embracing all that is bike riding.

I’m no expert on nature in the fall but I definitely saw more Eagles this fall the rest of this year. This guy and his compadre’ were perched up in the trees at Vanier park almost every session we managed to get in during fall. Flying like these guys makes riding BMX look awkward, uncomfortable and less than graceful, or maybe that’s just my riding. All the same, it’s a humbling sight seeing them soaring effortlessly and endlessly way above us.

Luis Tried was inspired on one occasion to spread his wings like an eagle. A little less graceful or easy on the eyes as our feathered friends but rad all the same. Now if he can just get the opposite wing off at the same time…

Luis takes flying very seriously, he really wanted to spread those wings and did so in a manner of speaking. Not quite as graceful as he might have hoped but feeling about as close to nature as one can when they’re wearing it on themselves.

Fall can be the perfect combination of weather, colours ,nature and people and because the frequency of those elements working together are infrequent it makes you value those days all the more. This is my favourite photo from my fall collection because it was on a day that all those elements were perfectly aligned and as if that wasn’t good enough I also happened to be on my steel steed too.

One Response to “Fall Reflections: Part 2.”
  1. P M Beadle says:

    Cool Words and pics brother! always a pleasure to come home and read a fresh post, seeing you lads living it. looking forward to having you home soon. Beadle.

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