Happy New Years from New Zealand

Another year has turned over and in doing soties up loose ends and starts new beginnings. At MuffinandPedal it marks end of our first year and if you’ve followed us from the beginning you’ll have seen us grow and change slowly. The new year also brings about changes for us the first is our location, although temporary, we’ll be spending time in New Zealand holidaying, riding and traveling and posting it all up here.

The photo above is the view of the beach not more than 300m from the house where I lived and am now staying again. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere who aren’t familiar, the tree is a native New Zealand species called the Pohutukawa, heralded as New Zealand’s own Christmas tree for two reasons, firstly the festive like deep reds and greens of the plant that match the uncanny tones of most common Christmas tree and decorations. The second being that the beautiful red flowers blossom their fullest around the Christmas season, perfectly timed.

Already re-familiarising myself with the old neighborhoods of the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland (and their new spots) I met up with the old crew and went for a shred. Paul Beadle shredding the gnar and chaffing his chode only minutes away from one of NZ’s newest and best bowls.

Mike Davies was on hand to snap this pic (and the one of Beadle) with his trained eye and skilled index finger. Pretty stoked on this shameless self promoter but who doesn’t like a turndown anyway.

Next post we travel to Rotorua and show you the magic of the North Island with thermal volcanic activity bubbling up from the earth’s core.

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