Red Bull Double Down Comp: Part 1 of 2

Red Bull Double Down dirt jumping comp was held just this weekend been at the Beverland’s property on Beverland Road in Huntly, New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to tag along with Paul Beadle who was an honorary judge for the event. The weather was beautiful apart from a little wind but that didn’t seem to slow any of the riders down. The jumps consisted of 2 doubles followed by a right hand hip that led into a pump track.

Paul Langlands was present and oozing his unique style as you can see with this nose dive 360. Excuse the Red Bull plug.

George Bolter, normally an easy going chilled out kind of lad, pulled out all the stops and rode mercilessly throughout the day. Another truely unique rider embodying the likes of Aitken and Bohan was one of the few to mix up the usual comp tricks with trail steezing moves like this 1-Foot Seat Grab Table.

Of the trail bosses on the day, Alan Cameron, better known as pigggy, is one of the few capable of gymnastic like Turndowns like the one below. Another one of my favourite riders who chose style over tricks to move through the ranks.

Jed Mildon who is better known for his ridiculous feats such as BMX’s (and the world’s) first triple backflip often goes uncredited for his natural all-round ability and has no problem stretching out these styley Taboggans anywhere he wants.

The other half of team Bolter is young Louis. Lou had the nicest whips I saw all day, nice and slow and caught clean and smooth, a real pleasure on the eyes.

The Wazman is all the audience you’ll ever need with an array of one-liners and jokes that’ll keep you laughing all day long. Living the dream, always a good time when the Wazman’s around.

Alan representing PMP with a casual nose driven 360.

Fraser Booth was recently put on Mutiny through 666 distribution and held true to Mutiny’s team values of clean, effortless, stylish riding. This might be my favourite pic, good Invert on the hip.

Paul Langlands with one of his signature tricks, 1-Handed Whipout.

The only rider there representing my generation of riders was Carl Cavanagh, a true legend in his time and holding his own with the young blood throwing down some ganrly Whips! Carl was also running around taking pics for his own blog,  Make sure you click the link and see what he has in store from the day and what he’s been up to prior to that.

Georgie Porgie with a beautiful 1-footed euro.

Haimona Ngata, working hard or hardly working? Haimona is without a doubt the best MC heckler I’ve ever heard, every comp needs a man like this to keep the mood light and fun with lots of laughs.

I never caught this kid’s name but god-damn he has a decent Table 360. If you know his name, be a sweetheart and write it up in the comments section.

Georgina pushing this Lookback 360 so far and hard I think I a lil’ nug fell out his pants.

Still in the same run and directly after above photo, Georgina cranks an Oppo-360 Turndown. Second nug, touching cloth.

LangBanger with a lovely 270 X-up. I was a lil’ late on the shutter but believe me they are always over clicked!

Special thanks to the Beverland family who hosted this event, it would not have been possible without you and of course thanks to the sponsors:

666 Distribution, Red Bull, T-Whites Bikes and last but not least Saint Johns Ambulance Service.

Part 2 coming soon…..



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