RedBull Double Down Dirt Comp: Part 2 of 2

As promised here is the 2nd half of the photos from last Saturday’s comp:

Paul Langlands laying one real flat over the hip.

Jed Mildon has spent a lot of time in the U.S. riding ridiculous trails and parks with some of BMX’s most notorious riders, it seems to be paying off as he had no problem laying out these ‘Nasty’ish 360 Tables over the 2nd Jump.

Another standout on the day was young Hugh Wotherspoon. He has a little bit of that Langlands style and you can see it when he throws his no foot combos like this Pendulum No-Foot Can below.

Piggy with a rad nacnac. Brraaap Brraaap.

One the Beverland boys throwing his feet off too. Special thanks to him and his family for putting on the comp, it was a super rad day and wouldn’t have been half the success it was without their contribution.

This certainly is a legless post, hahaha get it. Ironically I’m also hungover while writing it. George Bolter rounding off the 4th legless trick pic with this lovely Nacnac.

I lied! Here’s one more. Langlands with a ridiculous no foot Indian air thing. There may have even been a no foot can just before re-entry but I can’t fully remember now. All I can say is I’ve never seen more ridiculous, amazing and confusing no footed combinations as I saw from Paul Langlands, the guy is insane!

I was a little late on the snap here but Hugh’s hands were way back there on this Suicide no-Hander. You don’t often see Suicide no-Handers anymore, maybe this is the start of the rebirth of them, then that would make them the new old school no handers or the old new school no handers or the new old new school no handers. Bugger me!

Who doesn’t like a Euro Table. Paul Langlands likes ’em so you should too!

Blam! 360 Lookback, no problem Piggy’s get ’em dialed!

Results were as follows:

5th-Alan Cameron

4th-Hugh Wotherspoon

3rd-Jayden Leeming

2nd-George Bolter

1st-Paul Langlands

Personally I think Langlands deserved his win by far. I didn’t see him go down once not even a foot off on a landing and he not only had the most ridiculous trick combinations I also didn’t see 1 other person even trying the stuff he was pulling. He certainly is a one off.

Don’t you just love novelty big cheques.







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