Table Manners

Just this last weekend, the boys and I did a little roadtrip to Wellington. Our aim was to ride as a bunch of legendary old New Zealand North Island bowls as we could over the long weekend. We were a bit pressed for time so our first decent stop of the trip was at Masterton bowl in the lower North Island. It’s basically two bowls, one shallow, one deep, with a hip on each that mirrors each other and a spine that divides the two and ends in a steep triangular box jump. You can see the deep bowl below with Beadle’s X-up, the shallow is a mirror image of it and a foot and a half shallower.

Wazman was on hand to full up the days Tabletop quota with this nice one into the step down.

Beadle Balls was simpley loving the hip in the deep end and was cranking beautiful Tables all day. Don’t get much better than that.

Here’s me sneaking one in with Beadle at the helm. 1-foot Table.

If ever you’re on you way to Wellington from up North or you just happen to be around the Palmerston North area then make sure you whip out google maps and check out Masterton bowl, it’s a doozy!

Parting shot, Lookback.

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