New Zealand Dirtjump Series Round 2: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the NZDS round 2 at Langlands backyard. One standout from the day was a youngster by the name of Jon Riddle. He definitely knew his way round the Langlands backyard and had no problem opening up his bag of tricks around the course. Here he casually grabs his seat on a Nacnac.

Jon again with a big 1-foot Cancan, obviously favouring the limbless combos and doing a good job of it too.

The man of the day Paul Langlands not upside down for once clicking a delightful 360 Turndown

Most people would be happy to do one of these as nicely the right way up, not Mr. Langland’s though. The horizontal trickery did not last long and Paul was firing out all sorts of upside down combos like this Supermanflip.

Louis Bolter was shredding all day and looked like he was having loads of fun as you can see by the shit eating grin on his face while he wipes his tire clean halfway through this backflip.

A late comer to the party was a kid called Billy from Taupo, he was a crazy young fellow and was one of the few brakeless riders I saw that day. Here was one of his more ‘tame’ moves with a styley 1-foot X-up.

Jon Riddle again, tucking the bars this time and reaching for the skies.

This comp definitely had some heavy hitters and was world class in many respects like the quality of the riders, their diversity of tricks and styles, the sheer size of the jumps and also that many of us witnessed tricks we might’ve seen for the first time. Paul Langlands took it a step further and invented his own trick the Crondog (see it here at ZOMBIE). Paul starts this off with a 360 Superman Seatgrab, then halfway through his rotation he throws the bike the opposite direction with his hand, essentially downside whipping it, where he meets it at the pedals when he finishes the 360. INSANE!

Naturally Paul took out this round taking home the win again, followed closely by Hugh Wotherspoon and hot on his heels in 3rd place was Jon Riddle.

There is one round left in the NZDS series unfortunately I won’t be attending as I’m in my home in Vancouver Canada. Make sure you check ZOMBIEBMX regularly for the final in the series.



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