NZ Wrap Up Part2: Shredders

This being the second installment of the NZ wrap up series (1 more to go) I wanted to use some riding photos I’ve had on my desktop for a while, they may not be ‘bangers’ but they were all had with great friends whilst having good times and that deserves to be shared. Mike Davies is one those great people and he sure knows how to have a good time, moments after this pic was taken we both suffered irreparable punctures from the millions of glass shards that litter this bowl day after day. Nothing else left to do but enjoy a delicious 6’er.

New Zealand has had some great new additions to it’s skatepark roster. One of the best is in the heart of heavily populated Auckland at Victoria Park right in the central business district and close to the water. It’s one of the finest bowls (and street courses) I sampled during my time so make sure you try it out if ever you visit.

Seeing as we’re talking spots, this one has to be the most heart breaking. I previously mentioned this on our facebook page. Located just South of Mangawai in the North Island this spot has been torturing skaters and BMXers for years. Barb wired fence over 8feet tall, 7feet of electric fencing behind that and more video cameras than the Kardashian’s have following them. On top of this there’s only one way in and out on this road and they have some serious¬†security¬†at the end of it but part of me hopes that some day someone has the balls to get in and the talent to shut that spot down for good, it has Brian Yeagle size wallrides and steez written all over it.

Speaking of legends. I was fortunate to catch up with long time friend and fellow cronie Simon Palmer. This guy is one of New Zealand’s greatest ever street riders. He was doing bunny hop tailwhips down drops before it was ever popular, before the internet, before the come up and before most of you could wipe your own arses. I’ve seen him barspin things that I doubt anyone will ever do again and somewhere there is photos and footage of very little of it, if only digital media was around earlier! Simon has ‘chilled’ to some extent and prefers throwing tables than barspins but always remains true to his street roots, you probably won’t see him in the bowl but here he floats some nice street tranny and clicks a flat one.

In the spirit of fabled legends of old, here is another and the polar opposite to the street legend above. Tim White was riding trails with the steez of Brian Foster shredding trails in New Zealand and Canada from way back when most of the kids who frequent his bike shop (T.Whites Bikes) were dribbling down their jammies. Ironically he spends more time dribbling Jack Daniels and beers down his front than he does at the trails but he still has the skills as seen on his skull skates cruiser on one of his legendary booze cruises.

Here’s Tim again getting rad at New Vic park, plenty of beers in, plenty of steez. Also, check out his pic of Tim spotted at Zombie from not too long ago :

That’s it for this post and only one more NZ post to go. We have plenty of Canadian content to come so keep visiting and thanks for supporting us. You all F@#$’n Rule!



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