Yards of Wood!

Two weekends ago the Gorilla Jam was on in Victoria over easter, not all of us could make it over that way so a few of us made our way to the Woodyard instead to enjoy a nice mellow session on one of the most spectacular spring days I’ve ever seen. Chris Young here shows that age is no excuse for slowing down and schools the new school with a textbook perfect 1-foot flatty on the new banked quarter. Airing out of this is hard and scary so you know this is rad!

Luis Almazan is no stranger to the Woodyard and can’t think of anything better than a big ol’ box jump so you can imagine his excitement when he turns up to Ron’s where he has 3 to play with. It’s like a mix of a kid in a candy store and a bull in a china shop, the results are nothing less than entertaining. Nothing ‘bull’ish about this tuck no hander though.

He loves nothing better than throwing his feet off his pedals in some weird no foot combo. On this no foot can he would run back up the ramp every time and say “Did that look like Nasty’s?”. It’s fun to F with him and say “It’s nowhere close!” cos it just makes him ever more eager and determined. I couldn’t even count how many he tried and they were all as good or better than this, hahaha sorry Luis!

Her’s another sexy mexi combo, No-foot Seatgrab.

Cheers to Ron Mercer and his lovely wife who cooks a mean chilli and an even better cheese burger. Always a good time at the ‘Yard!


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