Quickie but a Goodie!

Always a welcome sight: Hastings skatepark, dry and cloudless. There have been a growing number of days like this lately and the early morning sessions are slowly coming back again, some old faces and some new ones too and all are welcome. Nothing like a delicious coffee and sweet treat while shit talking with your buddies early morning to the sight of an empty bowl.

One of the old faces who has returned after a string of injuries and a near full recovery from near surgery is one young John Knowlden. This is John ‘taking it easy’ a few weeks after surgery, if you’ve been here you know the quarter, you know that fence, you know this is hardly taking it easy. Whatever he has in his coffee I want some! Then again, knowing John there’s probably no mortal man who could stomach whatever he ingests, the man is half beast!

This is the view just a few inches off the ground when you’re staring at the biggest hip in the bowl. Yep, you guessed it, ‘just taking ‘er easy today’. John’s a tall guy, but even if he wasn’t he’d still have his nickname but we’d add GO to the front of it: Go-Big John Knowlden. (Yep, cheesy much?)

If you are keen to hit up one of the weekend early morning Hastings rides then like us on facebook so you can receive an update when we head out there.

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