Steet Trannies & Tuck No Hannies!

Here are some gem’s from the weekend. After the weekly early morning Hastings warmup, the crew got motivated and hit the streets. Well, I know it’s transition’ish but it’s street all the same. Slade Scherer is not only a peg wizard, he also throws down a bit of tranny (don’t take that the wrong way).  Slade steezin’ a euro/downside table, fueled by peperoni pizza.

This is something Slade is renown for. I’ve seen him do it off all sorts of things including rails, though, it’s nice to see him just float a casual one over a good ol’ street hip.

Sunday was the first day I got to meet Zach Rampen. He’s moved here from Kelowna to help grow the ever increasing pool of non-Vancouverites now living in Vancouver. The last sound you want to hear while doing one of the below is “RRRRIIIIPPP!”. Although, you might be stoked because your ankle would probably be over your shoulder making it the wildest Grizz ever! Zach is a shredder and seriously tests the structural integrity of his denim seams with this gnar Grizz Air .

Zach Again with a steezy, flowy Toboggan.

Cheers for the shred lads, hopefully many more to come!

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