Radical Ron & Zach the Understudy

Radical Ron Mercer is quite a legend in his own right. If you live in Canada you know his name or at the very least what he is currently renown for, the Woodyard. The woodyard is probably one of the best private backyard ramps of all time, the only one I can think of that would rival it is the T-1 setup in Austin. Needless to say when you own your own ramps you know every nook and cranny and how to shred them hard. Ron went higher than anyone this day and left us breathless with moves like this 1-Foot Dog Pisser!

Here’s the man again paying homage to front brakes with a hearty Nosepick.

This was wild. Ron would haul ass, boost up real hard out of the Jersey Barrier and buzz his helmet for a good while before tucking up and still hovering a good 3 or 4 feet in the air. He knows these ramps like the back of his hand.

Zach Rampen was around too and became Ron’s apprentice for the afternoon. Zach was a good sport and despite being threatened with blows to the back of the neck and other bodyparts he still wore a smile while tearing the place up. This was a pretty decent Nac air out of the Jersey Barrier after much ‘coaching’ from Radical Ron.

Same thing, different angle. Zach, Nac Air.

Another new notch on the belt for Zach and the best way I can think of to end a post. Freshly learned classic Tabletop, boom!

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