Pirate Pup Check

Ace White has become an infamous little character and carries as much celebrity as his owner Tim. I fired through some questions to Tim of T.White’s Bike who took the time to share some specs and stories on Ace to get a better idea of exactly what kind of a pup we’re dealing with.

T.White’s Bikes – Ace White, Pug.

1. Weight:
7.4kg2.Top Tube length:
49.420cm3.Stand over height:
(Ace is at home on any surface but is a treat to watch as he drifts through wood mulch section with his throttle fully tapped out!)
4. Gear Ratio:
He runs about a four to two gear ratio
5.Top Speed:
Hard to say depending on the slope and conditions but an easy 20 kph
6. Custom Modifications
Sweet as box for lazy days made from an old swapper crate and a 26inch cruiser Don gave me back in the bad old days.
7. Favorite Tricks:
Catching any form of food from a distance, getting shot and playing dead and still working on the roll over!8. 2or Favorite Spots to shralp:
Loves the trails and Woodhill the most, likes the freedom of puppy expression to choose his own lines and shred with no rules and with no interference from his radness restricting lead.

(Ace playing quality control officer and making sure Tim takes the appropriate lines through the bowl section)

9. Funniest moments with Ace:
When he was learning to swim the fist thing he did was stand in the water stay still and put his hand up “HELP ME”. On booze cruises using the natural slope of the hill to drain bottles of JimBeam, smart dog.10.Most embarrassing Ace Moment:
Taking a mad shit outside Ponsonby roads busiest restaurant and right before he lays it you hear “oh my god that dog is so cute” ,ain’t so cute laying a poo on the ground lady.

Big Thanks to the legendary T.White for hooking us up with a rad pup check and a few hilarious stories.

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