Kelowna to Nelson Road Trip (Photos)

Following the release of the first part of our road trip vid, we have a few of the photos from said event.

Zach Rampen with a nice T-Bog at the Slocan park.

Here’s a preview of the Slocan bowl with an appearance from the Ghetto Mansion boys. Picture doesn’t do it much justice, the deep end is close to 10 foot with pool coping, there’s a chunk of tranny that has a weird rock mosaic coping but the rest of the park is just standard steel coping. There are endless lines and the transition is smoother than than your uncle Tony. If you like bowls it’s worth the trip out there.

Most of you think that all we shred is bowls but there was a good street contingent on the trip so we got some wrist and ankle smashing ride’s in too. Slade ‘The Blade’ Scherer getting his grind on.

Slade again ‘rocking’ a Footplant (aren’t captions fun?!)

This trip was the first time I met Colin. He’s a pretty quiet spoken nice guy (till you get the dark liquids in him and then he’s a regular old pirate). He may not be a s tall as Sean Burns but he brings Burns’esque’ feeling to his street riding. He certainly isn’t afraid of a good drop or jarring railride. Colin Peter Fried with a nice casual Railhop on one of the more ‘chill’ spots he thrashed on the trip.

That’s it for the pics. Keep your eyes peeled on m&p and our facebook page for the part 2 of our roadtrip webvid that will be dropping later this week.


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