Drift Wood

Another shred gone by at the world class Woodyard. This time we have a shredster line up of Andy McGrath, Andrew Lazaruk whose back from Cali for now, Ron Mercer and local hero Braeden Barnard.

1st out the gate is Andy McGrath. He’s another Vancouver import and he shreds with the ferocity of a hair metal band from the 80’s (kinda looks like he should be in one too). He’s lines a smoothe and buttery, so smoothe that you don’t appreciate how hard they are till you try one. Here he blasts a ridiculous Invert out of the steep bank tranny at the end of the box jump.

Here’s another shot of Andy’s buttery Inverts. They ‘aint easy to do over a straight jump, especially when they’re this twisted up.

Lazer Doodle was ripping the place up as usual and has obviously honed his skills whilst temporarily residing in Cali. Decent 360 X-up over the box.

I love this shot, good ol’ Grizz air and a candid plane flying around in the background.

Here’s an overview of the shred section in question. You can see the box jump there that Ron is jumping into the back of from the deck of the 9 foot Quarter, in the background peeping out from behind the box is the steep bank tranny that the box sends you hurtling at!

There’s a new feature in town. An In-&-Out kicker has been added to give you a lil’ pep to the box jump. Here Braden B-Real floats an awsome No-Foot Cancan out of it. Sorry it’s out of focus but you can see B-Real is stretched to the max.

Braeden has a deep bag of tricks and its suprising to me because I always take him for a street innovator but here I was pleasantly suprised by some 1-Foot Darkside Table action over the Box jump. B-real is for real!

Apparently Lazer just learnt these during his time down there, doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty getting into this while 360’ing though. Most of us we be happy to do a Turndown like these just going forward.

Saving the best for last. Andy drifting out over the wood masterpiece while checking his tire pressure at sunset.


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