Canadian Concrete Sealynn BMX Jam

Canadian Concrete has been busy this year and this Sunday passed was no exception. This is not the first time they’ve put on the ‘No Copong, No Problem’ Jam and it’s always been a favourite amongst everyone, especially riders who like a chilled atmosphere without a competition style event. Once again was heard RT whaling over the microphone (I think he had just been in Mexico, I’m not sure about that, he was a bit subtle on the details), abusing riders from the likes of Ron Mercer and Brandon Van Dulken right down to little grommies that were no more than 3feet tall. You can’t accuse him of discrimination that’s for sure. This year some of the heavy hitters were missing like Jason Teet, Jordan Hango, Wade Lajlar, John Knowlden and all the other Sealynn familiars. It definately made for a toned down event but it was a spectacle all the same. New faces were brought to light as they shredded the big MFP hip of legend, the likes of Matt Desson, Brandon Van Dulken and the young but burly Adam Piatek. Adam was stretching out big Tuck no handers like this one over MFP.

It wouldn’t be a Canadian Concrete event without some style cats around to infuse some steez into the day. One such chap is James Van De Kamp and you can’t beat his good old lookbacks.

Adam shows his casual steez with a nice flatty over MFP.

Hopefully you can make it on the right hand hip there, you can see Brandon Van Dulken ain’t afraid of throwing down a big old T-whip over MFP following little Adam in a train down the line. BVD also won the long jump contest…           ..twice in my opinion, first he took a straight up bonedeath wrist breaker approach and came down from the heavens to land several feet ahead of everyone.  When Matt Desson took the lead BVD was seen pummeling down hill like a ‘bat out of hell’ to use a weird hookworm air from the far left of the bowl and shot out like a canonball way up the footpath to a pinch flat. Whatever it was it was entertaining and worked a treat.

Special thanks goes out to Blaise Olson who puts on these events and also spends most of the time manning the grill to feed us with free hamburgers. Cariboo deserves a mention for fuelling the youngsters with high calorie fructose beverages for free that was undoubtedly responsible for the mayhem & entertainment ellicited at Sealynn park this year. Cheers to RT too who also plays a large hand at organising these events and puts his voice box through its paces each time with an all day auditory assault.


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